2.03 Gravitational Potential Energy (GPE).


If an object is raised above the ground, the work that is done to raise the object, increases its gravitational potential energy (GPE). Gravitational potential energy (GPE) is a type of stored energy, that exists because of the Earth's gravitational attraction. If we increase the height of an object, we increase its gravitational potential energy (GPE). If the height decreases, then the GPE also decreases.

Gravitational Potential (GP).

Gravitational potential (GP), is just a measure of the increase in GPE per kilogram, for an object raised above the Earth's surface. e.g. The increase in GP, when an object is raised 10m, is 98.1 Joules per Kilogram. This means that a 1kg object's GPE, would increase by 98.1J, for a 2kg object this would be 196.2J and for a 10kg object it would be 981J, etc.